Passe-Partout -

Support parental skills




If your child turns 4 years old before October 1st you qualified for Passe-Partout.


What is Passe-Partout ?

It’s an animated program offered by your school board intended for families who have a child who will be 4 years of age by September 30 of the current year.  Please note, that all the parent’s meeting will be mostly in french !!!!

Passe-Partout is designed to provide targeted parents with the tools they need to help their child adopt attitudes and practices that will enable the child to develop, grow and succeed at school.

In this respect, Passe-Partout aims to enable the parent, as mother or father, to acknowledge that they are the primary person responsible for their child’s education. Passe-Partout support parents in establishing a meaningful relationship with their child, assists parents in creating and providing support and guidance for their child. The program enables parents to foster their child’s psychomotor, affective, social, language and cognitive development.

As well, Passe-Partout aims to intervene with children in the following manner:

  • prepare them to be better academic learners ;
  • enable them to become better acquainted with each other so that they feel more confident when they enter kindergarten ;
  • facilitate their adaptation to school the following year, by familiarizing them with the school premises ;
  • screen them for certain problems that can be resolved before the school year begins, such as visual, auditory or language problems. The program is therefore part of a preventive approach.


Each session is divided into 3 types of activities.



Those activities will permit you to :

  • discuss topics related to the child development
  • share with others your successes and concerns
  • identify parental behaviour that may support your child in the academic world



Those activities will give you the chance :

  • to experience moments of pleasure with your child
  • to discover how your child reacts in a group, in a school environment
  • to have a more enjoyable relationship with your child



Your child will learn to :

  • know the school and his peers
  • develop his autonomy and self-confidence
  • develop a positive social bound with the school


Meetings are usually held at the school where your child will attend kindergarten.



  • The Registration period takes place during the official school board registration period in mid-February (information is posted in local papers)
  • Therefore, registrations will be accepted according to the availability of places.
  • Birth certificate is required.


Passe-Partout meetings are held in the evening for parents and children from September to June, at the rate of a 2 hours meeting each month.

Daytime meetings of two hours each are also scheduled for the child only so that he gains a realistic view of the school.


For more information, please call Diane Roussin at the following number:

450-372-0165 ext. 60277